Can I get a PHA inspection?

If you live in a PHA Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher or PHA Project-Based property, you may request that PHA inspect your rental property. PHA inspects for Housing Quality Standards (HQS) and issues violations.

How do I request a PHA inspection?

  1. Call PHA Inspections at 215-684-3860.
  2. Email PHA Inspections at

How does the PHA inspection process work?

It can take 2-4 weeks for PHA to inspect unless you request an emergency inspection for serious issues like no heat. Landlords have 24 hours to correct emergency violations and 30 days to correct other violations. Landlords who do not correct violations may stop receiving rental subsidy payments.

How will a PHA inspection help me?

In most cases, PHA inspections can help you:

  1. Prove there are repair issues in your rental property.
  2. Pressure your landlord to make repairs.
  3. Prepare to file a Fair Housing Commission complaint, if the landlord retaliates. (link)

What are the risks?

If PHA stops rental subsidy payments for over 60 days, they may require you to move.


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