Before Eviction Court

Before going to court, landlords are required to participate in the City of Philadelphia’s Eviction Diversion Program and required to send you a notice of this. Though, some landlords may try to evict you illegally.

In Eviction Court

Most eviction hearings happen at 1339 Chestnut Street on the 6th floor. Everyone listed on the complaint must attend the court hearing on time. Make sure to check the courtroom number on your paperwork. Lower income tenants in zip codes 19121, 19139, 19132, 19134 and 19144 have a right to free representation.

After a Court Judgment

If your landlord got a judgment against you in court, you may still have some options before you face eviction.

After a Lockout

After an eviction, you can seek emergency housing and take steps to secure your belongings. You may also work on satisfying or vacating the court judgment.

Other Forms of Eviction

Tenants can face eviction through other processes that are not eviction court including foreclosures, cease operations, ejectments, and illegal lockouts.

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