I need more time! How do I file a Petition to Stay the Eviction?

After you receive a judgment, you can file a Petition to Stay if you believe that the landlord is wrongly moving forward with the eviction. You may have made a payment that the landlord did not record or you have other extenuating circumstances that you want to present in court.

1. Go to 1339 Chestnut Street, 10th Floor.

2. Ask to file a Petition to Stay.

In the Petition you must state your legal defenses as to why you can stay in the property.

You can write down your defenses and give it to the court clerk, so that you do not forget what to say.

3. Attach proof that you have.

White out any confidential information.

4. Ask to file an IFP.

IFP stands for In Forma Pauperis. If the IFP is granted, your filling will be free.

5. Call the court the next day.

A judge will review your filing and either ‘grant’ or ‘deny’ it. Call Municipal Court, 2nd Filing at 215-686-7980 to find out.

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