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Right to Counsel

Right to Counsel launches in Philadelphia on February 1, 2022. If you are a low-income tenant in 19121 or 19139, you have the right to an attorney in your eviction case or your housing subsidy termination. To see if you are eligible and connect with free legal help, call the Philly Tenant Hotline 267-443-2500. Even if you do not live in those zip codes, you can call for free legal advice and possible representation!


Joint Statement from Philadelphia Legal Services & Tenant Organizations in Support of Proposed Moratorium on Evictions

STATEMENT ON PROPOSED CITY COUNCIL RESOLUTION IN SUPPORT OF AN EVICTION MORATORIUM We fully support the resolution introduced today by Councilmember Gym calling for a moratorium on evictions. While our organizations support the entirety of the resolution, we as tenant advocates want to highlight the importance of an eviction moratorium. Our country‚Äôs lack of a […]

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