How do I look up an eviction court case online?

Most eviction cases are in Municipal Court. Follow these steps to find your case.

  1. Go to
    • Click “Login As Public User”
    • Enter the text in the image and click “I Accept”
  2. Click “Search”
    • For Type, select “Defendant” for Case Type
    • Select “LT Landlord/Tenant”
    • Inside the search input, type “Your Name”.  Then click “Go!”
  3. Click on the case number that includes your landlord’s name and your name.
    NOTE: If you do not find your case, try alternate spellings of your name.
  4. Enter the text in the image and click “Continue”
  5. The court docket for each LT case shows the Plaintiff (Landlord) and the Defendant (Tenant).
    Scroll down to find the most important Docket Entries including:
    • Landlord Tenant Complaint (Usually entry #1)
    • Exhibits such as the rental license or lease
    • Any Continuances or Judgments (Usually entry #10 or below)

To better understand any eviction case, get legal help.

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