How do I get a judgment off my credit?

Why should I pay a judgment?

  1. Improve your tenant record.
  2. Avoid having money taken from your wages or bank account.
  3. Avoid termination from the Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher Program.

How do I pay a judgment?

  1. Determine the exact amount owed. Sometimes you owe more than the judgment because the landlord paid writ fees to evict you—usually $130. Sometimes you owe less than the judgment because you made payments, the landlord deducted your security deposit or the landlord agreed to accept a reduced payment.
  2. Get on a Payment Plan. If you cannot pay in full, contact the landlord to get on a written payment plan. The plan should state how much you owe, how much you will pay and how often.
  3. Send money. Send money orders to the landlord at the address on the court papers. Keep your money order receipts.

What do I do after I pay a judgment?

The judgment is still showing up on my credit report. How do I get it off?


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