My landlord is taking me to court. What are my options at the hearing?

Where do I go?

Municipal Court is at 1339 Chestnut St on the 6th Floor.

You can also ask for a remote hearing. See our flyer for instructions on how to ask for a remote hearing.

What should I bring?

Any documents that relate to the reason your landlord is trying to evict you. Example: lease, rent receipts, utility bills, photos, letters or texts to or from the landlord.

What are my options in court?

1. Ask for a continuance.

  • You can get the hearing postponed if you need an interpreter.
  • You can ask for the hearing to be postponed to get a lawyer, but the landlord may object.

2. Have a hearing in front of a judge.

  • You have the right to have a hearing in front of a judge.
  • You can present your evidence and defenses to the judge.
  • If you lose, you must appeal within 10 days of the judgment if you want to stop the landlord from evicting you.  You will have to pay your rent to the Court of Common Pleas on the appeal.

3. Sign a Judgment by Agreement.

  • You do not have to sign a Judgment by Agreement.  You can always ask for a continuance or have a hearing in front of a judge.
  • Do not sign an agreement unless you agree and can keep it.
  • If you sign an agreement, it is final. You cannot appeal.
  • If you break the agreement, the landlord can evict you.

How do I get an attorney to represent me?

Seek legal help.

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