I received a “Breach of Agreement” notice. What do I do?

Act quickly otherwise your eviction will move forward! If your landlord filed a Breach of Agreement against you, they are claiming that you did not follow your Judgment by Agreement (JBA). You must file an "Answer" within 5 days of receiving the Breach notice, if you disagree with it. The eviction will move forward if you do not file the Answer on time.

1. Go to 1339 Chestnut Street, 10th Floor ASAP.

The court will proceed with your eviction if you do not file an Answer. You must file an Answer to prevent your eviction.

2. Ask to file an Answer.

In the Petition you must state:

  1. How you did follow your Judgment by Agreement. You must prove that you did not breach the JBA.
  2. If it has been over 5 days since you received the Breach of Agreement notice, why didn’t you file an Answer earlier?
  3. How would you be negatively impacted if the eviction were to proceed?

Tip: Write down your answers and give it to the court clerk so that you do not forget to tell them important information.

3. Attach proof that you have.

White out any confidential information.

4. Call the court the next day.

A judge will review your filing and either ‘grant’ or ‘deny’ it. Check the court docket or call Municipal Court, 2nd Filing at 215-686-7980 to find out.


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