How soon can I be locked out?

Your landlord must take multiple steps to schedule the eviction. It is not an automatic process and you will not receive an automatic lockout-date notice from court. You must call the court and email the landlord tenant officer to find out in advance.

How soon can the landlord evict me after court?

After a judgment in court, you have at lease 21 days before you can be evicted. Your landlord must:

  1. File the Writ of Possession 10 days after the judgment.
  2. File the Alias Writ 11 days after the Writ of Possession.
  3. Schedule a lockout any time after filing the Alias Writ. This usually takes an additional 7-10 days.

How do I find out the date of the lockout?

What should I do before a lockout?

Is there any way to stop the lockout?

I was locked out. What do I do now?


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