What can I do about lead paint?

Lead poisoning is serious—especially for children—and older houses. Your landlord is required to certify that the property is lead-safe or lead-free

What can I do to keep my family safe from lead paint?

What does my landlord have to do?

Under Philadelphia Code 6-800 Lead Paint Disclosure and Certification, every landlord in Philadelphia must:

I did not receive a lead-safe or lead-free certificate.  What can I do?

What rights do I have if my child has been lead-poisoned?

Under Philadelphia Code 6-403 Lead Paint and Other Lead Hazards, if a child has a lead level of 3.5 micrograms per deciliter or higher, the Health Department is required to:

For rental properties, the owner, landlord or agent for the owner may not:

If a landlord takes any of actions listed above, the tenant may:

I heard there could be lead in the water.  What can I do?

Call the Philadelphia Water Department 215-685-6300 to schedule a free lead test appointment.


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