How do I renew my lease?

I want to stay in my rental property.  How do I renew my lease?

If you have a written lease, you should read it carefully to understand if your lease automatically renews after the initial lease term.  If you do not have a copy of your lease, your landlord should provide you with a copy.  If you have more than one lease, the one in effect is the most recent one that you and your landlord signed.

To remain in the property after your lease term is up, here are your main options:

  1. You may sign a new lease with your landlord.
  2. Your lease may automatically renew.

Will my lease automatically renew?

Most written leases will say if the lease automatically renews. The lease may automatically renew for the original term or a new length of time.  For example, a one year lease may automatically renew on a month to month term.

If your lease does not say if lease automatically renews and your lease term has expired, the new lease term will become based on how often you pay rent.  For example, if your one-year lease expired and you stay in the property and continue to pay rent every month, then your new lease term is month to month. The same terms as the original lease apply.

To stop a lease from automatically renewing, the landlord or the tenant can give notice stating that they do not want to renew the lease. The amount of notice required varies widely from lease to lease.  For information on ending a lease before it renews, click here.

Is my landlord required to renew my lease?

Most private landlords are not required to renew the lease.  If your landlord has decided not to renew your lease, you do not have a right to renew the lease and stay in the property.  However, if you live in HUD, Low Income Housing Tax Credit or public housing, you do have a right to renew the lease.

For information about rent increases at lease renewal, click here.

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