What is the status of my landlord’s EDP application?

Landlords must successfully submit an application for EDP and participate in good faith for a least 30 days before attempting to evict through court. You can check the status at any time here

The landlord’s Applicant ID starts with the letters “EVP” and then 9 numbers or letters. The EVP number is provided in all communication with the program including texts and emails. Ask the landlord to confirm the applicant ID.

If you are scheduled for an eviction court hearing, check the status online.  Compare with the information below.  If landlord participation is incomplete, you may show this status at court as a possible legal defense.  Show the landlord and ask the landlord to explain.  Show the trial commissioner or speak with the judge. 

Some common status outcomes and next steps

Participation in Eviction Diversion Program is NOT Complete:

Your landlord may NOT proceed to eviction court if the status of your application is any of the following.

Participation in Eviction Diversion Program is Complete:


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